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Serving sewers in the areas of Summitt, Ironville US 60, Cedar Knoll, Shopes Creek, Graydon Heights, Cannonsburg Road, Coalton, Midland Trail and areas to south of 1-64239 W. 



Sanitation District #4 was formed as a “Special District” under KRS 220 in 1979 by the residents of Summit, KY.  The purpose of the formation of the District is to serve the residents in Boyd County with public sewer service to anyone outside the city limits of Ashland who has access to the system.   The District’s sewer system is a collection system which transports the sewage to the treatment plant located in the City of Ashland.
Through tireless efforts the leaders of Sanitation District #4 were able to obtain funding to begin construction of the original sewer system in 1994 with completion in 1996.  Mr. Gaylord Crum was instrumental in the formation of the District and served as the original Chairman of the Board and later stepped down to serve as the first Superintendent of the District.  In this capacity he was able to create the business office of the District and form a staff for the administration and maintenance of the sewer system.  Other members who contributed to Mr. Crum’s efforts were Gary Stephens, Terry Spears, R. Byron Evans, Paul Pinson, Frank Smith and many others who supported their efforts.
The District has expanded through the years from only serving the residents of Summit to serving the neighborhoods of Ironville, Rockdale, Cannonsburg, Catlettsburg, Rush and the East Park Industrial Park.  This was made possible through the assistance of Judge “Bud” Stevens who agreed to allow Sanitation District #4 to annex the Boyd County Fiscal Court’s sewer system and thereby allowing District #4 to administer and maintain their sewer lines along with the District’s.  The District’s boundaries have expanded to the boundaries of the Westwood’s Sanitation District #2,  to beyond Interstate 64 and into portions of Greenup County.  We hope to continue to grow and to be able to meet the needs of the community by making Boyd County a cleaner and more wonderful place to live.         


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